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We also have a large collection of photo-printing materials


Our company deals with and develops all kind cinematographic materials. We develop both old and new films. Old, forgotten materials, exposed many years ago may have great historical or documentary value. We can rescue and restore the oldest of films. We develop black & white and colour movies, negatives and reversals and both silent and sound tracked movies. Actual films we develop according to the process recommended by the producer. We can develop negative as positive and positive as negative (if possible) and can handle many other special effects. We operate specialised facilities and have long standing expertise in these fields. Young directors, cinema companies and TV stations use our service, with great customer satisfaction. We have processed materials for TV shows, music videos, short clips and many others. Now it’s your turn to take advantage of our capabilities.

What to do

- First contact us and let us know what you want us to develop. Send a detailed email with all technical information like: brand, date and if possible a photo of the cartridge label.

- Please send films tightly wrapped into black paper or aluminium foil, well packaged for shipping (for instance in bubble envelope or bubble wrap)

- If an old film is in a paper box, please include it in the parcel

- Please only send films as parcel/registered letter

- Remember to include: return address, phone number and email, tax number if invoice is needed.

- Where to send your films ? Contact us and we will send you our physical address by email

- Developing time: depends on film type; from 7 day up to 3 weeks.

- We return the film after receiving receipt of payment. Payment methods: wire transfer and PayPal

- Payments can be done in any currency (not only Polish Zloty; PLN)

- All prices are excluding postal charges, reels; include 23% V.A.T.

- 16 mm films are developed in a one piece, maximum total length is 730 meters.

- Our company does not do digital transfer, but we cooperate with others who do it professionally, if a digital format is what you require.

- Please note that in exceptional cases wrongly stored, badly exposed or very old materials may not be developable anymore.